Preorder Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen

Anyone who preorders will receive a FREE printable ebook of a collection of poetry I’ve written. These are poems that have never been published or posted online. Completely exclusive.

AND if we get thirty or more preorders by the release date, EVERYONE who pre-ordered will receive a FREE HONEY BUTTER AUDIO BOOK! Yes! Audiobook!! 😆 I’ve been working on it the past few weeks and I cannot tell you how hard it was to keep it a secret!

The audiobook will be available for purchase sometime after Lydia Green comes out, but by pre-ordering Lydia Green, you’ll be getting BOTH stories, for the price of ONE! But, we need to reach thirty orders for that to happen. So, order a copy, tell your friends, order two and donate one to your library, whatever you want to do. 😂

So how do you get these goodies? Just email me a screenshot of your order confirmation receipt at and I will reply with all the fun stuff!

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