Honey Butter Publication Date Released

This is it, you guys.

My book is getting published in five days… FIVE DAYS! How is this happening?

It’s kind of hard to get it through my head. That I’m completely done. As in, done done. I just finished the last bit of formatting yesterday. (Being me, I turned on some dramatic music when I got down to the last few pages.) A few hours ago, my Dad and I went through everything, and my book is set to publish on the 14th.

I chose August 14th as my publication date for a few reasons. It’s the day that the last chapter of my book takes place, and it’s the day of one of the character’s (Laren’s) birthdays. My book should be available for ordering sometime around August 14!

When Honey Butter comes out, I will host a few different giveaways, a book release party and other promotional events. Also, just a note, the window for previewing the first chapter of my book has closed and if you subscribe to my newsletter now then you will no longer receive the link. However… my newsletter is still pretty awesome without it, wink wink. 😉

To any unpublished authors wondering, actually pressing the publish button for your book isn’t really that amazing, at least not for me. You have to keep going back and making sure you clicked the right buttons and all that. (Does anyone else think that a confetti animation should shoot across your screen when you finish publishing?)  Actually receiving my book in the mail will probably be more magical. I’m very, very, very, excited to get a print copy of my book! So…


Let the final countdown begin!!

Keep Writing!

  • Millie


4 thoughts on “Honey Butter Publication Date Released

  1. Allison says:

    Eek! This is terrific news! I’m a writer myself, though four years older than you and unpublished. Pushing through formatting is no easy feat. I follow you on Pinterest and your character boards are my favorite thing. I’m proud of you and so stoked to read your masterpiece! (I got lucky and caught your first chapter release via subscription like, two days ago. So now I’m hooked.) You’ve done the hard part, now bask in your deserved and hard earned glory!

    • Millie Florence says:

      Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me. I’m so glad you enjoy my character boards, I have a lot of fun putting them together. Haha, yes, I forgot to take down the first chapter email thing until today, so you were very lucky. 😉

      It’s really great to meet another young author! What’s your book about?

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