A Fool Proof Plan

I can’t believe how close this is getting! Honey Butter will be published in ONE MONTH! This means, however, that I have a lot of work to do. So let me quickly give you the updates.

Update one: The final edits have been completed. And now we’re on to the proofreading stage! My mommy will be proofreading for me, so big thanks to her. We’re aiming to finish the proofreading by July 15. But we have A LOT going on this summer, so we might not make it. Fingers crossed.

Update two:

Doesn’t that look awesome?! My Dad helped me put together five quotes from Honey Butter, I will publish a new one every Saturday in July on my Instagram account. If you want to check them out, my username is millieflorenceauthor.

Update three: So, you know how I had to explain to everyone where to find the subscribe button on my site. Well, it is now in a much easier to find spot. Right at the top of the screen in the mobile version.

And now for the biggest and most exciting update…

I’m giving you guys a sneak peek of the first chapter of Honey Butter!

All you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter. In your confirmation email, there will be a link to the sneak peek. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Note: This is only valid for ONE MONTH. Anyone who subscribes after July will not get this offer.

Keep Writing!

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