Hey everyone! Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? A whole month for celebrating poetry? What an awesome idea!

Anyway, since it’s April first, I thought I would share with you another one of my poems. This one is called Waterfall. I got the idea from when I went hiking with my best friend. There was a waterfall on the trail and we climbed up the rocks behind it, it was one of those moments I just had to write about. So as soon as I had the chance, I did!

Rush and rumble

Crash and tumble

Racing down to the sea,

Crystal droplets thunder down in dangerous majesty.

Behind the rippling curtain I stand.

Just in the clearest spray.

As white water is thrown over the rocks,

Threatening to wash me away.

Strands trickle like ribbons along wall,

Onto my hands and feet.

The storm of diamonds continues to fall,

Where air and water meet.

During the month of April, I would encourage you to try writing some poetry yourself. You can find inspiration for poetry anywhere, you just have to look closely. Remember, I doesn’t have to rhyme if that’s not your thing. If you do want it to rhyme however, there’s this cool website I found called RhymeZone. It’s awesome for helping you find the right word, or a new word that makes you look at something in a way you never have before. You should check it out!

Keep Writing, and Happy Poetry Month!

  • Millie

P.S. This is not an April Fools Joke.



Or is it?



Okay, it’s not.



But it might be…