Beta Testing

Wow. Once again, my dear readers, I have miscalculated my writing speed. Do you remember that I said I would probably finish the third draft early or mid april? Scratch that! The third draft is done! Woo hoo! The light at the end of the tunnel is so close I can almost taste it! And it tastes like mangos and pomegranates (My two favorite fruits )!

I still have a ways to go, but I’m definitely closer. And now I think my brain needs a break from this story for a little while, because I’ve read it about five million times. So I’m taking April off from writing my book. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be making progress on it. Pretty soon I’m going to start working with my Dad to design the cover, and… Here’s the next step in my master plan. Beta readers.

For those who don’t know, Beta Readers are people who will read my book and tell me what they think I should change, what they like, and their reactions to different parts of the story. Beta  Readers are the step to take when, besides wording and fixing spelling and grammar, you don’t have any other ideas on how to improve your book.

I’ve been doing my research on this and am working on a list of questions and a list of possible Beta Readers. I’ll use the Beta Reader feedback to write my fourth draft. Depending on the feed back I get (and what I choose to use) the fourth draft might take a long time or a short time. I still have four months before August however, so I think I can still make my goal date.

Well, wish me luck! I will be posting more updates soon, so keep an eye out. Subscribe to get notified.

Keep Writing!

  • Millie

One Thousand Word Puzzle

I’ve been working on the third draft for a little while, and I have to admit, it feels very different from just writing. More like trying to put together a puzzle of words, except that some puzzle pieces you throw away, and create new ones out of thin air. It’s enjoyable, as all of the writing process is, but it has its difficulties.

Big decisions that I’ve been putting off because “it’s just the first/second draft” have to be dealt with, and I also have to work on the flow of the story quite a bit. I will admit however, that while this part of my writing is hard, it takes less time to do.

After I finish the third draft, I’m planning on reading it aloud to my siblings to see what they think. I’m really looking forward to that,  as some of them have asked about a million times if they can read it yet.

Speaking of finishing, I will most likely complete my third draft by early or mid April. I have yet to formulate a plan of what to do after that, although I do have a few ideas… (And yes, I am going to remain mysterious about those ideas. For now.)

A quick note: I might not be posting quite as much for a while, although I will try to at least once a month. Know however, that I am working hard on my book, and that I will post more once I am closer to getting it published.

Keep Writing!

  • Millie